We provide assembled cores and manufacture special designs required for specific applications. Most common are Slit coils, strip lamination, CRGO Blanking laminations, Starter and Rotor lamination, etc..

  • Stack Core
  • Slit Coil
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Stack Core

Power Core is producing a wide range of Stacked transformer Lamination products for small and medium power transformers. These cores range from 10KVA to 50000KVA in all geometrical patterns.

Selected grade of CRGO/CRNGO steel of high quality as per the design –Butt, Lap, Half or Full Miter cores – are processed on our modern core cutting line along with hole punching facility. Full emphasis is given to maintain the IS standard in all the engineering process to produce the best lamination as desired by the customer. We process Stack core from 10KVA to 50000KVA. Any special rating requirement can also be processed as per customer requirement.

Slit Coil

Slitting Services